Joy in every pet lover's home

Poster & Paw was founded with the ambition to make it as easy as possible to fill homes with portraits of the pets that for many of us are considered our best friends.

We offer more than a pet portrait. We offer a unique masterpiece, a conversation starter and a way to light up each room.


Our posters are produced locally. We collaborate with number of local printing houses around the world, which means that we can offer both environmentally deliveries, friendly ink and paper. It is important for us and not least for animals around the world. You can thus buy a poster from us with a clear conscience.

Do you have a request?🎨

Many of our customers are dog lovers. But maybe you have a cat you want to illustrate? Or a horse? A guinea pig? The more the merrier we say. Contact us if you have any questions or requests, and we will do everything we can to help you.

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Choose from 6 different styles. Fits and works with all pets!

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